The value of sharing the insights and experience of other cities led to the launch of Cities Today in 2010 as the first global knowledge platform for local governments.

The Cities Today Institute extends the benefits of knowledge sharing through:


The CTI provides communities with support to solve issues based on a particular city’s needs. A city requesting assistance will identify the issue to the institute and the Chair of the institute or a subject matter expert will identify the best people to assist the city with initial advice. These could be drawn from the CTI Leadership or Mentoring Teams, from CTI member cities or be a technical expert. The support will be provided in confidence and a “SWAT” team can be put together to assist the city with the implementation of proposed solutions.

Study Tours

The CTI organizes tours for local government delegations with presentations and site visits to demonstrate how policy and innovation have driven social, economic and environmental benefits in cities and communities. Cities may submit requests to the institute for topics which they wish to research and our team will design the program, recommend cities to visit, set up the tour, arrange meetings with peers, and provide editorial research and coverage as required.

The Knowledge Hub

The CTI has built a curated library of resources including digitalisation and mobility masterplans, interviews with city leaders, research reports and case studies. Cities contribute to this searchable archive and may request materials and research which our team will collate from other city members.

Vetted Solutions

Through our partnership with, CTI links cities to solutions validated by other cities with supporting RFP and pricing information to make procurement more efficient and cost effective.